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March 15, 2013 - Press Release

Verizon Launches Fleet Management Solution With Verizon Wireless’ Network

Complete Solution to Help Operators Increase Productivity, Hold Down Costs; Implementation Includes More Than 18,000 Verizon Service Vehicles 
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NEW YORK – Verizon is rolling out Networkfleet on the Verizon Wireless network, the company announced on Friday (March 15).  Networkfleet is a fleet-management solution that provides a wide variety of monitoring and management capabilities for increased productivity and improved customer service.

The Networkfleet solution – part of Hughes Telematics, which Verizon acquired last year – will be combined with the speed and reliability of the Verizon Wireless network and will debut in Verizon’s U.S. service fleet for improved monitoring, management and route optimization capabilities. 

With the new all-Verizon solution as part of the company’s telematics portfolio, Verizon is building on its and Hughes Telematics’ joint capabilities to help fleet, operations and risk managers use technology to improve operations by managing speed, fuel consumption, drivers and vehicles while optimizing vehicle use and routes using vehicle diagnostics to help hold the line on maintenance costs.

“As one of the largest commercial fleet operators in the United States, Verizon recognizes the challenges and opportunities associated with managing fleets, and we continue to shape our offerings to help customers turn rolling assets into a competitive business advantage,” said David Small, senior vice president and chief platform officer for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “We see the fleet management space as a tremendous opportunity. We will continue to work with our ecosystem to serve this growing market, and we are committed to innovating in the machine-to-machine space.” 

The Networkfleet telematics solution combines in-vehicle hardware and a Web-based application to store, view and analyze data on specific vehicles as well as overall fleet performance. Vehicles are equipped with a GPS device that sends information to the Networkfleet Data Center over a secure wireless network. Key features include GPS fleet tracking, asset tracking, fleet maps, vehicle diagnostics with alerts, roadside assistance, preventative maintenance and other fleet management tools.

Verizon is deploying Networkfleet to an initial 18,000 company vehicles in its fleet this year to expedite customer service, while increasing productivity and cost efficiencies.  The initiative will help Verizon achieve its sustainability goal of decreasing its carbon footprint.

The Networkfleet solution can be used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Transportation – With accurate data vital in the competitive commercial transportation industry, fleet operators can verify the location of vehicles, improve on-time service and maintain the health of vehicles.
  • Energy and Utilities – With constantly rolling fleets within the energy and utilities industry, fleet managers can improve employee efficiency, cut fuel use and reduce overall mileage.  
  • Government – As state and federal agencies manage large fleets for a variety of services ranging from highway maintenance to passenger transportation, fleet tracking can help analyze fuel use, track vehicle location and improve overall efficiency.
  • Retail and Distribution – Whether a company delivers durable, nondurable or perishable goods, fleet management can help operators ensure on-time delivery.
  • Construction – Fleet management gives greater management controls and visibility over job sites and vehicle operations.
  • Insurance – Insurance companies can manage their fleets of claims, field adjustment and catastrophe vehicles, efficiently and effectively.
  • Healthcare – From efficiently running ambulance fleets to managing laboratory deliveries to improving home healthcare, fleet management can decrease time-to-care while reducing operational expenses.
  • Media and Entertainment – Media and entertainment companies have a variety of fleets, from mobile news crews to studio production trucks and golf carts, that move people and assets to on-site and off-site locations. Fleet management can help keep track of those assets, including vehicle location and performance, while decreasing maintenance costs with diagnostics.

(View a video on the Eastern Municipal Water District in Southern California to learn how the district’s Networkfleet investment helped lower fuel costs, increase productivity and paid for itself within months.)

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Networkfleet is a registered trademark of Verizon Communications.

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